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The First Years Hands Free Gate Review  

The First Years Hands Free Gate

The First Years Hands Free Gate is one of the more popular pressure mounted baby gates on the market. I believe this has a lot to do with the unique foot pedal knee knocker opening mechanism on the gate, as well as the attractive white metal finish.

The door of this gate is hands free in opening due to the foot pedal. To operate it you simply step on the pedal and slightly press your knee against the plate to quickly open it up. This is great for those times you're holding your child or carrying something in your arms that you would normally have to sit down on the floor and then open the gate to go through.

You might be thinking this is great, but won't my toddler be able to easily open it up as well? The answer is no, they won't because of how the gate is designed. The First Years has made it easy for any adult to open it, but very difficult for a child to do so.

The gate has steel vertical bars to prevent children from getting a foot hold and climbing up and getting into an accident. Keep in mind that this is a pressure mounted gate, and although it is one of the strongest pressure mounts around, it still should not be used in blocking access at the top or bottom of any stairway. You'd want a hardware mount for that.

This gate is designed to fit doorways that are 29 - 34 inches wide. You can also purchase an optional gate extension to increase the fit up to 44 inches. One thing you'll notice with this model is that the actual "walk-through" opening is only about 18 - 20 inches. It's not that major of an issue, but something to keep in mind.

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The First Years Hands Free Gate Features

  • Pressure mounted baby gate

  • Gate door opens with a unique foot pedal and knee plate mechanism

  • Gate will swing open in either direction for easy use

  • Fits doorway openings of 29 - 34 inches wide and has an optional gate extension kit to increase the width to 44 inches

  • Gate is all metal with an attractive white finish

  • Meets or exceeds all U.S. Product Safety Standards

Summary of Reviews

We really like this baby gate for its ease of use and quality of workmanship. The opening mechanism is simple to use, yet made to prevent children from being able to open it. The gate is attractive and quick to set up or take down.

Users on sites such as Amazon and many other online shopping sites have all given this baby gate high marks as well. In fact, over 600 users on Amazon alone have given it an overall rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. That speaks for itself in the quality of this gate.

Overall, we can definitely recommend The First Years Hands Free Gate as a good option for a pressure mounted gate.

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