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LA Baby Stop And Go Self Closing Safety Gate Review

LA Baby Safety Gate

One of the manufacturers of baby gates that seems to be 'under the radar' is LA Baby. But that certainly does not mean they don't design some of the better safety gates on the market. The LA Baby Stop And Go Safety Gate is one of their most popular pressure gates. Here's a closer look at what to expect.

The first thing you'll notice with this baby gate out of the box is its attractive white design. It has an all metal frame to go with a very durable plastic.

Looks aside, it's the performance that counts and this LA Baby gate doesn't disappoint. This pressure mounted gate fits tight against openings that are between 26.8 - 37.8 inches wide. The locking latch system features unique 'double locks' for added safety.

Opening the gate can be accomplished with one hand and perhaps the best thing is how it automatically closes behind you. There's no having to worry about whether someone closed the gate behind them or not. In addition, this particular model is 36 inches tall which is taller than average.

Additional gate extensions are available to make this child gate fit openings up to nearly 45 inches in width.

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LA Baby Stop And Go Safety Gate Features

  • Pressure mounted baby gate

  • Fits openings from 26.8 - 37.8 inches - Optional extensions increase width to 45.8 inches

  • White metal frame with strong plastic panels

  • Easy to install and fits all types of uneven openings

  • One hand gate opening operation

  • Climb resistant panels prevent babies and toddlers from climbing over

  • Self closing gate prevents leaving the gate open accidentally

Summary of Reviews

As a pressure mount safety gate, this LA Baby design is both attractive and easy to use. The one-hand gate latch and self-closing mechanism is both a convenience and excellent safety setup. We like the added height of this model over some of the other brands.

Reviews online from Amazon and other sites have been very good. Users have made comments on how simple the gate is to operate and how well made it is.

Based on our own research and the general online consensus, this LA Baby gate is an excellent choice for a pressure mounted gate in your home.

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