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Dream Baby Retractable Gate Review

Dream Baby Retractable Gate

A retractable baby gate can be an excellent solution when you have tight spaces that a swing open gate wouldn't work well in. The Dream Baby Retractable Gate is one of your many options with this particular style of gate.

One of the more convenient points of this gate is in how it fits all types of openings up to 55 inches. So, if you have a narrow 28 inch door or hallway opening or maybe a larger 48 inch opening, this gate is not going to be a problem to install and use. I like this hassle free aspect.

The gate itself is hardware mounted and comes with its own mounting template to help you easily get it mounted to the frame or wall. This makes the entire process go much quicker and smoother, and is ideal for those who are a bit intimidated by trying to figure out the mounting procedure.

There's even 2 sets of mounting brackets instead of just one, meaning you can set it up in two different places in your home. When you want to change locations you can simply remove the gate and put it inside the other bracket in the second location. This is nice for times when you want it protecting a stairway, but may need it for another part of your home later on, etc. It saves you from having to buy two separate baby gates.

The gate uses a mesh panel that is neutral in color and cleans up rather easily. It is very durable and the gate can be used both indoors and outdoors, and can also be used at the top of staircases.

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Dream Baby Retractable Gate Features

  • Retractable hardware mounted baby gate

  • Fits openings of any size up to 55 inches

  • Mounting template included for easy installation

  • For use both indoors and outdoors

  • Includes 2 sets of mounting brackets and hardware so that you can mount the gate in two different locations around your home for added convenience

  • Mesh panel is easy to clean and very durable

  • Meets or exceeds all U.S. Safety Standards

Summary of Reviews

There are many advantages in having a retractable baby gate, and this Dream Baby gate makes good use of them. It's an easy hardware gate to set up and use, and the mesh panel offers a nice choice for those not wanting a steel gate. It's virtually impossible to climb up and over the gate since there are no rails. We also like having 2 sets of mounting brackets so that it can be used in different areas of the home.

With that being said however, there is one thing to keep in mind with this style of gate. You either have to unlatch and retract it when you enter/leave the room, or you have to climb over it. This will only be something to consider if you are using the gate in a high traffic area where it is constantly having to be opened and shut. In all other circumstances a retractable gate is great solution.

Reviews from other users on Amazon have positive on this Dream Baby model. Users like how simple it is to mount the gate, and how well it works in both narrow and large openings. (Read Reviews Here)

Based on our own research and general consensus from online users we give this child safety gate a 4 star rating.


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