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Dream Baby Extra Tall Pressure Mount Hallway Gate Review

Dream Baby Extra Tall Pressure Mount Hallway Gate

If you are searching for an extra tall baby gate you will want to take a closer look at the Dream Baby Extra Tall Pressure Mount Hallway Gate. With a height of over 39 inches and many other attractive features to go along with it, this may be a good choice. Here's a closer look.

Naturally, the extra height that this gate has is great, but what I also found to be nice was in how easy it is to install. The instructions were thorough, and it takes only minutes to have set up and working.

This DreamBaby Pressure Mount Baby Gate also fits wider openings of up to 53". That's good for those with wider door or hallway openings. Dream Baby also includes 2 extensions in the box with this gate as well. You'll find 3.5" and 7" extensions to go with it.

One of the concerns by many with using pressure mounted baby gates is damaging the walls. This model has mounting cups that completely eliminate this from even becoming a possibility.

The gate door has the options you really want in a baby gate as well. The door opens up in either direction, and even better is the fact that it closes behind you automatically. This is so nice because if you have other older children, you know it makes no difference how many times you want them to remember to close the gate behind them... they'll often forget. Or even for those times you have your hands full and can't close the gate, this model does it for you automatically.

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Dream Baby Extra Tall Baby Gate Features

  • Pressure mounted baby gate available in white or black finish

  • Gate stands over 39 inches tall

  • Fits hallways and doorways up to 53 inches wide

  • Gate door automatically closes behind you

  • Door opens up in either direction

  • Includes 2 additional extensions (3.5" and 7")

  • Works well for a pet gate

  • Meets or exceeds all U.S. Safety Standards

  • 1-year warranty

Summary of Reviews

The Dream Baby Extra Tall Hallway Gate has all of the features you need in an extra tall pressure mounted design. It's attractive, built for wider and taller uses, and closes automatically behind you.

Reviews from other users on Amazon have been very high. It carries a 4.5 out of 5 star rating with most every user commenting on how easy this gate is to install and how well it works for both children and pets too.

Based on our own research and the overall consensus of online users we highly recommend this Dream Baby gate.

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